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Rapid Dose Therapeutics Corp (RDT) is a Canadian biotechnology company which provides disruptive proprietary drug delivery technologies designed to improve patient outcomes. Formed because of a recognized need to move drug delivery to a new level. RDT provides product innovation, production, and consultation to the pharmaceutical and healthcare manufacturing industry.

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Skycare Compounding Labs, a sister company to Skycare Pharmacy, is a state-of-the-art compounding and interactive pharmacy, specializing in custom compounded medications. Skycare utilizes the latest compounding technology that aligns with the highest standards for quality control meeting and exceeding international compounding guidelines (NAPRA, USP 795 & USP 797) and provincial requirements. As a Licensed and Registered Drug Preparation Premises by the Ontario College of Pharmacy, Skycare provides hospitals and other qualified licensed facilities with sterile and non-sterile compounding services.

RDT and Skycare have partnered to bring RDT’s flagship product QuickStrip™ a thin film oral dissolving strip to a variety of pharmaceutical products, including those for the Dental market.

About QuickStrip™

RDT proprietary formulation (RDMx mixture) is an orally administrable composition comprising a film forming agent that is used to effectively deliver a micronized therapeutic to allow the ready absorption of otherwise poorly soluble pharmaceuticals.

The main aim is the delivery of large therapeutic molecules such as proteins or complex molecules. The RDMx technology has the potential to be combined with numerous proprietary compositions with indications across a broad range therapeutic classes.

The RDMx mixture, once combined with the active molecule and blended into a homogenous composition, is processed using RDT proprietary production equipment and processes into QuickStrip™ according to the specifications of the active ingredient being delivered.

The thin film delivery method dramatically boosts bioavailability vs. ingested products and promotes rapid onset.

QuickStrip™ Application to the Dental Industry

The QuickStrip technology will initially have two applications in the dental industry, XyliStrip a Xylitol thin film for treating patients suffering from Xerostomia (Dry Mouth) and LQS, a Lidocaine thin film to be used professionally as an anesthetic application.